for business



you safe


The primary enhancement of the Lite membership. We understand the impact flying has on the environment, so we’ll be investing in gold standard carbon reduction projects out of the business profits. All carbon emissions will be automatically offset via Ecologi and you’ll be able to track the positive impact you’re having via the website.

Lite Gold

for business

The only group you'll want to be added to. Book your flights and hotels over WhatsApp messenger. Boarding Passes, e-Tickets, and reminders are just some of the benefits included. All outside of traditional office hours.


Points system

Earn points no matter who you’re flying with. With echo.bravo your travel isn't limited to any specific supplier whether that be hotel, car hire, transfers or flights. Points and perks are personalised making them unique to that individual. They can be used however your company wishes.

One point earned for every one pound you spend on travel.


Earn points just
for doing your job

5k points

Hotel Stay

hotel stay to the
value of £150

10k points

Extra Legroom

Seat with
extra legroom

50k points


Upgrade to
Premium Economy

100k points

Upgrade +

Upgrade from
Premium Economy
to Business Class

Customer onboarding

  1. Discovery call

    Initial meeting to agree your
    tailored travel scheme

  2. Setup

    Onboarding can be done via email, phone
    or WhatsApp, which ever is most convenient

  3. Payment

    Complete account form
    (credit facility or card)

  4. Refine and feedback

    Regular communication to assure you feel
    confident using the programme

Lite Gold

Keeping you safe

Traveller tracking Lite Gold

With instant traveller tracking we can run reports and see exactly where your staff are. This includes domestic travel.

Let us be the angel eyes on your staff.

Early access Lite Gold

We have early access to live FCDO government updates (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) and are able to see first when changes are made in the industry i.e countries going into a red list. This means we can alert you before any changes hit the public news, allowing us to be reactive, and keep you safe.

Travel policy Gold

We work closely with our clients to create a tailor made, detailed travel policy. Together we can create a seamless policy that’s inline with your company, this includes approval processes preventing needless overspend. This prevents your employees from going rogue, sets an example, and gives you better control of your budget.