A world of benefits await

As a part of your echo.bravo membership, you can take advantage of endless travel perks, discounts, exclusive events and more. The club is broken down into two tiers, Lite and Gold, and the multiple options allow you to choose which category works best for your company.


The Lite option includes COVID entry requirements, negotiated rates, and our favourite perk of all, carbon offsetting. Lite is perfect for trial purposes to get an idea of the savings we can make for you.


Along with all the benefits in the Lite package, Gold club members get the added bonus of collecting points with every pound spent on travel. Gold members have the luxury of a WhatsApp service for bookings and premium customer support.

Enjoy a welcome gift along with access to our unique referral scheme.

Benefits comparison table

Member Benefits Lite Gold
Carbon Offsetting Yes Yes
The best rates & services Yes Yes
Exclusive events and promotions Yes Yes
Personalised customer onboarding Yes Yes
Quarterly reviews Yes Yes
WhatsApp service for bookings and customer support   Yes
Points / rewards system   Yes
Welcome gift   Yes
Online booking via portal   Yes
Travel policy   Yes
Monthly cost reports   Yes
Access to referral scheme   Yes

Benefits explained

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