British Airways: Business Trips from Heathrow Changes

11 January 2024  |  Travel News

Heathrow experiences slower operations as British Airways extends connection times. The airline has decided to increase the minimum connection time (MCT) at Heathrow from one hour to 75 minutes. This adjustment aims to minimize the risk and financial implications of passengers missing their onward flights.

By allowing more time for connections, British Airways aims to reduce the number of passengers getting stranded or needing to rebook their flights.

British Airways said: “Following customer feedback, we’re increasing the minimum connection time for some of our flights through Heathrow T5. “This will give customers more time to make their next flight and reduce the risk of missing their onward service, which we know is incredibly frustrating.”

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Connections between Terminals 3 and 5 will retain a minimum of 90 minutes. Passengers who made bookings before this change have been contacted and offered alternative options.

It is worth noting that other European competitors and Heathrow Airport have significantly shorter minimum connection times for international-to-international flights.

For example:

  • Amsterdam requires only 50 minutes,
  • Frankfurt needs 45 minutes
  • Paris CDG expects 60 minutes
  • Vienna has a 25-minute requirement
  • Zurich allows 40 minutes.

Unsure of the minimum connection time? you can check on Heathrow’s website here

Should Heathrow address the issue of connection times more proactively rather than simply extending the time limit? Let us know your thoughts below.

British Airways aircraft on the runway at Heathrow, symbolizing enhanced travel experience for business Travellers

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