20 April 2023  |  Travel News

Airline Loyalty Schemes For Business Travel – FAQS

What is a Business Travel Loyalty scheme? An airline corporate loyalty scheme is a program offered by airlines to encourage business travelers to use their particular airline to book travel. These programs offer rewards and discounts for frequent fliers, such as free tickets, upgrades, discounted fares, and flexible ticketing policies. These schemes aim to attract […]

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14 April 2023  |  Travel News

Business Travellers Prepare For The New Warning System Test

The UK is set to get its first nationwide test of a public warning system that sends alerts straight to mobile phones. On Sunday the 23rd of April, at 3 pm, this will be the country’s first trial of its kind and will indeed cause a stir among business travellers. Alert Ready Alert Ready, was […]

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5 April 2023  |  Travel News

London City airport drops 100ml liquids rule

London City Airport has become the first major airport in the UK to relax rules on liquids in hand luggage, following the full implementation of new-generation CT scanners at security. The scanners, which use Computed Tomography (CT) technology – similar to medical X-ray systems – are designed to give a more detailed image of items […]

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31 March 2023  |  Travel News

British Airways Strike Action

British Airways have announced a new wave of strikes affecting a small number of flights departing London Heathrow between 31st March – 9th April 2023. The move is due to a planned 10-day strike by 1,400 Heathrow security workers in the Unite union, who are taking action in a dispute over pay. Flight Cancellation BA have said that they […]

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30 March 2023  |  Travel News

Flying Business Class with Kids – An Honest Review

I was apprehensive when I had the opportunity to fly business class with Emirates to Dubai. I know, first-world problems. Poor me! But traveling with two children (3yrs and 18 months) made me anxious, and I knew there could be some glares from other passengers expecting a peaceful experience. But we decided that since we […]

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27 March 2023  |  Travel News

New to the Crew: Alister Carter!

We’re incredibly pleased to announce the hire of Alister Carter as our new Business Travel Manager.  The echo.bravo team is thrilled to welcome Alister, an experienced leader in the corporate travel game! Not only does he know what it takes to make business trips run smoothly and efficiently – but he also prioritizes cultivating relationships with […]

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21 March 2023  |  Travel News

Discover the echo.bravo Website Refresh

As a founder, I can tell you that we have been so busy building products and adapting to challenging client needs, particularly in the recent climate, that perhaps we did not take the time to showcase our services. Classic ‘working in not on the business stuff, you know how the saying goes. So it was time […]

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9 June 2022  |  Travel News

Best Ways to Manage the Chaos in Airports

Flight disruptions are at an all time high due to mass staff shortages. But there are a few ways to manage the airport chaos.  

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