Business Travel: A How-To Guide for Flight Name Changes

17 August 2023  |  Destination Tips  |  Travel News

Flight Name Changes for Business Travel

Discover the airlines that make changing names a breeze, empowering you to adapt to unexpected changes seamlessly. No more hassle buying new tickets – say hello to a game-changing approach that keeps your business moving and saves valuable resources. Join us as we embark on a journey of effortless transitions and elevated business travel!

A Guide to Flight Name Changes

Let’s start by taking a step back. One of the questions we often hear at echo.bravo is why airlines have a strict policy against name changes. The main reason behind this is to prevent the practice of bulk-buying tickets to resell them.

Imagine this scenario: British Airways has a sale, and you purchase 30 tickets. If the airline allowed you to change the names on these tickets, you could potentially sell them to someone else and modify the details accordingly.

In addition to revenue protection, name changes could open doors to fraudulent activities, such as identity theft or unauthorized changes.

“Every year, we come across a significant number of tickets booked for companies that require changes, often due to employees moving on from the company. It’s a common scenario we encounter.”

Chris Donovan

Which Airlines Allow Name Changes for business travel?

It’s important to note that even airlines that allow name changes typically have specific conditions, fees, and timeframes for making these changes. Always check with the airline or review their terms and conditions before making any assumptions about name change policies. Additionally, it’s a good practice to double-check the current policy with the airline at the time of booking.

It might surprise you, but Low-Cost airlines are usually the most flexible regarding full name changes. I know. I was shocked when I first found out too.

Top Tip: If you are planning business travel in Europe, booking with a low-cost airline might be best, allowing you to change an employee’s name, rather than purchasing a brand new ticket should they leave.

Which legacy carriers will allow name changes for international business travel?

Sadly, not many! but there is one partnership that will!

KLM / Air France

BlueBiz is a corporate loyalty program offered by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It’s designed to benefit businesses and companies that frequently book flights with KLM and their partner airlines. The main benefit is Bluebiz members can request a complete name change at no charge on tickets issued by Air France or KLM. This service is only available for flights operated by Air France and KLM.


You can sign up for Bluebiz here.

I’ve made a mistake in the spelling of my name. Can I update it?

Well, aren’t you a silly sausage! The best way to prevent spelling errors is to let our team of excellent account managers book the travel for you. Most airlines allow changing up to 3 characters, which is great news!

If you’ve recently changed your last name, rest assured that airlines generally permit such modifications. Typically, you’ll be required to furnish supporting documentation, such as a wedding certificate, to validate the change.

I’ve booked a ticket, and the employee has left the company. Can I claim any money back?

In the scenario where you’ve secured a non-refundable airline ticket, and the carrier doesn’t permit complete name alterations, there’s still a silver lining. Even if you aren’t able to utilize the ticket, you might be eligible to request a partial tax refund, contingent upon the specific geographical terms in place.

Alternatively, you can explore an ingenious avenue: harnessing the power of social media. Consider posting about your situation on your preferred social platforms, presenting the opportunity for someone sharing the exact name as it appears on their passport to acquire the ticket from you potentially. It might sound unconventional, yet the surprisingly positive outcomes of this approach have been witnessed.

Sometimes, a seemingly wild idea can manifest as a mutually beneficial solution!


  • Low-Cost airlines are the most flexible, with full name changes
  • KLM/Air France offers full name changes if you are a BlueBiz member
  • If a ticket won’t be used, it’s always worth submitting a partial tax refund

Are you ready to master the art of flight name changes and ensure smooth travels?

Let our expert team take the lead. With our services, you’ll not only sidestep the hassles of mistakes but also gain a proactive partner who can even chase airlines for potential tax refunds on your behalf. Your journey. Simplified.

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