Business Travellers Prepare For The New Warning System Test

14 April 2023  |  Travel News

The UK is set to get its first nationwide test of a public warning system that sends alerts straight to mobile phones. On Sunday the 23rd of April, at 3 pm, this will be the country’s first trial of its kind and will indeed cause a stir among business travellers.

Alert Ready

Alert Ready, was developed by Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) in partnership with federal and provincial governments across Canada. It allows members of the public to receive emergency warnings directly on their phones or other mobile devices. The system’s benefits mean travellers will quickly be informed of potential threats, enabling them to take action if necessary.

For business travellers, introducing such an alert system could prove invaluable. Individuals will be able to stay informed of any potential threats, but they will also be able to keep an eye on their safety while travelling or in a foreign country. This is especially pertinent for those working in high-risk environments.

The alert system sends an emergency notification when it receives an alert from a trusted source. The system will then distribute the alert via text message to users with compatible devices.

How will this affect Business Travellers?

For those travelling through airports or other transport hubs during the test, it could mean disruptions. Please do not panic. If you’re flying out of or into an airport anywhere in the UK during that time, we recommend making sure your phone settings are correct and that you have plenty of battery power to ensure you get the alert.

The government also asks airports and other transport hubs to remind travelers of the test. It’s a good idea for business travelers to relax. If in doubt, check their social media accounts for extra information about this exercise.

Messages will be sent out depending on where people are located. Not everyone will receive it at precisely 3 pm on Sunday 23 April, but all mobile phones should receive an alert within several hours on either side of that date and time.

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