New to the Crew: Alister Carter!

27 March 2023  |  Travel News

We’re incredibly pleased to announce the hire of Alister Carter as our new Business Travel Manager. 

The echo.bravo team is thrilled to welcome Alister, an experienced leader in the corporate travel game! Not only does he know what it takes to make business trips run smoothly and efficiently – but he also prioritizes cultivating relationships with customers along the way.

Curious about her impressive background story? Read on for more details than you ever thought possible!

Q1. Tell us more about your background in travel.

Ever since a young age, I’ve had a passion for all things aviation and travel. At the tender age of 16, I opened my PPL (Private Pilots License) and got 12 hours under my belt in a light aircraft before other priorities took over. In 2017 I secured my first job in the travel industry doing precisely what I loved; booking tailor-made trips and putting my knowledge and skills into practice. In 2019 I decided to transfer my role to Melbourne, and I had the pleasure of doing the same job whilst living a life down under! It all came to an abrupt halt due to Covid, but I’m happy to say 2.5 years later, I’m back!

Q2. In three words, describe how you feel about swapping from leisure travel to corporate

Get me started!

Q3. What’s your weirdest travel booking story

You would get used to the odd, unique request, but one of my clients would solely base her next trip on the latest Lonely Planet book that had entered her local library. Safe to say, a 10-day itinerary to the Faroe Islands was a new but exciting challenge for me.

Q4. Favourite city?

This is a tough one! Slightly biased, but I’d have to say Melbourne


Q5. 4 guests at your dinner party?

Not the conventional celebrities but as a keen sportsman it would have to be Tiger Woods, Arsene Wenger, Ben Stokes and Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Q6. What are you doing when you’re not working?

As you can tell from above, I love my sports! I’ve always played cricket and golf from a young age, and I’m also a big football fan, but we’ll keep the team I support quiet for now.