New to the crew: India Phillips

4 February 2022  |  Travel Blogs

Please welcome India as our new Marketing Executive

India’s started off freelancing for echo.bravo in 2021, and I’m pleased to announce I’ve managed to persuade her to officially join the team, as Marketing Executive. 

I’m a bit of a Hubspot nerd, a chatterbox, and a terrible office singer. I like to be creative and roll my sleeves up in order to generate brand awareness with direct mail, email marketing, events and social media.

India also is also co-owner of a stand up paddle boarding school, so when she’s not hunched over her laptop or running around at events, then you can catch her on the water teaching others how to paddle board. 

She will ensure the smooth running of the company’s marketing campaigns, focusing on echo.bravo’s digital marketing and event management. 

She has a flair for communications and leadership, and her experience will allow her to take charge on projects and juggle multiple campaigns. She also pays great attention to detail which will ensure the company’s image and brand is always maintained. 

Q1. So India, what was your biggest achievement in 2021? 

Gaining my paddle board instructors qualification. I completed the course on Bournemouth beach when winds were gusting 30mph, and it was hailing sideways. It was so much more physically and mentally demanding than I expected, and I’m super proud of myself for becoming a BSUPA level 2 instructor and my SUP business becoming a recognised school.

In regards to marketing, it sounds slightly odd but copywriting. I used to be afraid but I  practice and practice by writing blogs, website copy, marketing materials etc. And I’m finally embracing it. I’m by no means a copywriter, but I’m enjoying it.

Q2. What got you into marketing? 

I guess it developed from my interest in events, and fascination with branding which I was exposed to at uni when studying photography.

This somehow led me into the weird and wonderful world of marketing. My stepmother works in marketing and I’ve always admired her confidence, her ideas, and her ability to juggle and execute so many plans at once. Watching her exposed me to the ‘behind the scenes’ bits of marketing, like marketing success metrics and analytics.

I then learnt a ton about digital marketing [amongst many other things] and gained lots of experience at my last role with a local SaaS company. I was lucky enough to have a really awesome team that helped develop my skills. 

This all continued to grow as I set up my own company in 2019.  

What do you like about the travel industry?

Who doesn’t love to travel? It’s a great sector to be in, and it’s fascinating learning about it from a corporate point of view. 

Although I’ve quickly realised that I do need to learn the phonetic alphabet haha. 

The demand for corporate travel is crazy and I’m sure it’s going to get a whole lot crazier as we continue to come out of Omicron. There are so many possibilities and I have so many ideas. 

It’s also a huge bonus that I get to go to events in cool places like Dubai 🙂

 Q4. Tell us more about your role at echo.bravo

Well we’re currently working with an amazing design company to build the new echo.bravo website. This is an awesome project to be a part of. We’ve just finalised the logo and brand guidelines which look epic.

I see my role as a very varied one. I’ll have my fingers in many pies, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m particularly excited to roll out social media accounts for the brand. And continue creating beautiful direct mail and marketing emails. 

Q5. Tell us a little bit about yourself

My favorite band will forever be the Spice Girls. I hate horror movies. One day I want to live a ‘vanlife’ life. I love a lychee martini. I spend too much time on Instagram. And Chris… I also love pineapple on pizza! 

Please connect with India on Linkedin here and give India a warm welcome. 

You can check out some of her blogs here.

Thank you for reading, 

Chris | Founder | echo.bravo