Top 5 Tips for Successful Business Travel

17 April 2023  |  Destination Tips

As a business traveller, hitting the road can be both exhilarating and exhausting. A million things are on your to-do list, from packing to jet lag. But have no fear because we’re here with the top 5 tips for successful business travel.

1. Plan Ahead

For business travellers, booking in advance is a simple but effective way to have a successful trip. By booking ahead of time and taking advantage of broader availability, business travellers can save significantly on airfare costs. Being organized could be the difference between flying Business and arrive refreshed or cramped in Economy and feeling groggy.

All airlines will have an advance purchase fare that offers discounts from the regular fares for those who plan and purchase their tickets ahead of time. When booking an advance purchase fare, passengers usually have to buy their ticket 7-14 days or more before their intended flight.

Top Tip – If you become a member of Flying Blue, then Air France and KLM will allow complete name changes. Perfect if your company is attending a conference, but attendees cannot be confirmed yet.

2. Pack Light

When packing for a business trip, be light by focusing on items essential for the journey, such as an extra shirt or two and underwear if necessary, but try not to bring too many bulky items.

By taking just carry-on luggage, travelers can avoid baggage fees and easily navigate busy airports without worrying about carrying heavy items or waiting for luggage at the carousel. Additionally, smaller bags can reduce the chances of lost or mishandled luggage. Taking hand luggage only is an excellent way to make international travel easier and less expensive!

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3. Organise Your Documents

Organizing documents and passports is an integral part of preparing for international travel. Having all necessary papers in one place and easily accessible can save time, stress, and money.

It’s essential to ensure that passports are up to date and valid for the duration of the trip, visas are acquired if needed, and tickets are booked well in advance. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that medical records or prescriptions are packed and proof of insurance coverage when traveling abroad.

Taking a few moments to organize these items ahead of time can help ensure a smooth journey.

Top Tip – Email yourself a scan of your passport. Should your passport become lost or stolen, a photocopy can help speed the process when dealing with a local embassy.

4. Keep a separate bag for business trips

A separate business bag is a great way to stay organized and prepared for business trips. This bag should contain all necessary items, such as chargers, extra batteries, supplies, cables, and any other items that may be needed.

Having these items ready will save time in the airport or on the road when trying to find the necessary equipment. It also allows for easy access to everything needed during a trip, making productivity easier and keeping stress levels low. A well-organized business travel bag is an essential part of any efficient traveler’s kit!

5. Let echo.bravo manage your arrangements

Businesses should consider the services of echo.bravo to book their business travel. Our team provides expertise and guidance in planning the most cost-effective travel solutions and ensuring that all necessary regulations and compliance issues are addressed.

We can also ensure that any potential disruptions, such as flight delays or cancellations, are minimized.

Finally, working with our experienced team of real humans can help businesses streamline their booking process and simplify administration tasks related to business travel.

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