30 March 2023  |  Travel News

Flying Business Class with Kids – An Honest Review

I was apprehensive when I had the opportunity to fly business class with Emirates to Dubai. I know, first-world problems. Poor me! But traveling with…

27 March 2023  |  Travel News

New to the Crew: Alister Carter!

We’re incredibly pleased to announce the hire of Alister Carter as our new Business Travel Manager.  The echo.bravo team is thrilled to welcome Alister, an experienced…

24 March 2023  |  Travel Blogs

Experience the Thrill of Dubai’s Desert Safari

I was recently lucky enough to experience a trip to Dubai and all it has to offer. It really is an experience and a place…

24 March 2023  |  Destination Tips

5 Tips For Business Travelers Flying During Ramadan

Flying during Ramadan can be a challenging experience for business travellers and an excellent opportunity to discover new cultures and experiences. As we enter the…

21 March 2023  |  Travel News

Discover the echo.bravo Website Refresh

As a founder, I can tell you that we have been so busy building products and adapting to challenging client needs, particularly in the recent climate,…

11 July 2022  |  Travel Blogs

New to the crew: Charlotte Moss

Give a warm welcome to Charlotte as our new Business Travel Manager. She's a serious foodie and loves to travel. This summer she has a road…

1 July 2022  |  Travel Blogs

The Best Packing Hacks 2022

We’re a big fan of traveling with only carry-on luggage, so here's a few packing hacks to help save space, and time, and make your…

9 June 2022  |  Travel News

Best Ways to Manage the Chaos in Airports

Flight disruptions are at an all time high due to mass staff shortages. But there are a few ways to manage the airport chaos.  

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